Poker pro Joe Sebok now working at Winery

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As the stepson of three-time WSOP champ Barry Greenstein and a formerly successful poker pro himself, Joe Sebok is quite well known throughout the poker world. However, he's making a change from his previous career to the wine industry in a job few people would've expected.

A Fresh Start

The past couple of years have been rough on Sebok. He represented the now-defunct UB Poker and convinced many people that it was a safe place to play. But on Black Friday (April 15th, 2011), UB went offline along with over $20 million in players' money - none of which has been returned.

This being said, Sebok isn't very popular among the poker community. So it's likely that his decision to leave poker at the end of 2011 had a lot to do with this. Now the San Francisco native has found a new job crushing grapes at a winery. covered his job process by writing the following:

This means Sebok spent the fall working with grapes. He was charged with punchdowns, the rigorous task of "punching" the top layer of grapes down to the bottom of a fermenting bin, so the fruit is distributed evenly. He engaged in pumpovers, the process of pumping wine from one holding tank to another.

Happy with his Choice

In speaking to SFGate, Sebok sounds like he's pretty happy in his new profession. He said, "The game of poker is great and has been good to me over the years. But at the end of the day, if you're not doing other stuff, all you are doing is counting money."

Sebok counted a lot of money during his poker career since he's earned $1,896,955 in live tournaments. And while it's doubtful that he'll earn this kind of cash while crushing grapes, he's trying to get into other aspects of the wine industry.

His ultimate goal is to find a social media and/or marketing job working with a winery. Seeing as how he amassed 1 million followers on twitter, Sebok should have a decent shot at accomplishing this feat.