Phil Ivey wins over $582k in Online Poker Session

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For years, people have been saying that Phil Ivey is the world's best all-around poker player. And he definitely proved this recently after winning over $582k in a high stakes online poker session.

Making a Comeback

The past week hasn't exactly been Ivey's crowning achievement. He was in the midst of a $1 million downswing that capped off one of the worst weeks of his career.

But "Polarizing" was able to stop the bleeding yesterday by earning the aforementioned $582k. It took Ivey eight and a half hours to collect this amount, and he played against the likes of Tom Dwan, Hac Dang and "patpatpanda."

The majority of Ivey's winnings came in No-Limit 2-7 Triple Draw games, where most of the action seems to be happening these days. In fact, Dwan just earned over $2 million earlier this week in Triple Draw, before dropping $900k of this amount.

An Outstanding Career

Since Full Tilt Poker reopened in early November of 2012, Phil Ivey hasn't experienced a lot of success. He's dropped over $553k during the past couple of months, and has been up and down since he began playing at the relaunched Full Tilt.

However, this is a small hiccup when looking at his overall career, which includes nearly $19 million in overall online poker winnings. The $19m is over $7 million more than anybody else has won in cyber poker. In addition to the internet earnings, Ivey also has collected $17,579,424 in live tournaments; this ranks him fourth all-time behind Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett and Daniel Negreanu.

And don't forget that Ivey has also earned millions of dollars in live cash games over the years too. In fact, his live cash play has helped him earn the reputation of being the world's best rounder.