$40k Penalty set in durrrr Challenge

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Over three years ago, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Dan "jungleman12" Cates began an online poker challenge that fizzled out after Black Friday. Seeing as how Cates was up in the durrrr Challenge and due to receive $1.5 million if he won, Jungleman has been trying to get the contest rolling again.

Up until recently, his efforts had been in vain because Dwan was always busy playing live cash games in Macau, or wherever else. However, they finally played some hands again in late September. And as it turns out, there's a good reason why Dwan is willing to play now.

He and Cates agreed that penalties will be assessed to either party who doesn't meet certain conditions. Based on previous years, it seems as if all of these stipulations are aimed at Dwan, who was accused of dodging the challenge at one point. Here's a quick look at the conditions and potential penalties:

- At least 8,000 hands must be played every two months from now on.

- Each player must be ready to play at least 14 days during every two-month period.

- Third-party arbitrators can assess a $40,000 penalty if it's determined that either player is avoiding their challenge obligations.

- An additional $10,000 penalty can be applied for each offense following the $40k fine.

Judging from the tough penalties that are now in place, Dwan might as well continue playing - win or lose. After all, he's going to be paying Cates regardless if he keeps avoiding the online felt.

Starting again in September, the two high stakes poker pros have played 1,100 hands, with Dwan losing an additional $200,000. However, it's worth mentioning that the lead switched back and forth several times; but the last 400 hands saw Cates pull ahead and end with a $200k profit.

As mentioned before, Jungleman stands to earn $1.5 million if he's ahead after 50,000 hands are finished. If Dwan is winning after 50k hands, he only pockets $500k.