Nevada Court rules in Favor of Phil Ivey in Divorce Case

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In late 2011, Phil Ivey's divorce case turned ugly when his ex, Luciaetta Ivey, filed a petition over the ruling. She argued that Judge Bill Gonzalez treated her unfairly in the case because of a $5,000 campaign contribution that he later received from Phil.

18 months after the petition, the Nevada Supreme Court has finally come to a decision on the matter. And they ruled in favor of Phil Ivey and have decided that Luciaetta shouldn't be paid any more money from the settlement.

The original settlement saw Luciaetta Ivey collect $2.2 million in jewelry, a life insurance policy, 40% of a stock account, 40% of business payouts to Ivey (except for Tiltware payments) and an additional $180,000 per month alimony payment. The latter came out of Ivey's $920,000 monthly Tiltware salary for promotional work for Full Tilt Poker.

However, Luciaetta was unhappy that she stopped receiving her $180k a month alimony payments in April of 2011. But Phil's lawyer, David Chesnoff, argued that she'd already made millions from the divorce. And when Full Tilt Poker stopped paying Phil around April, the original agreement stated that he didn't have to keep paying Luciaetta.

Furthermore, Nevada Supreme Court justices Mark Gibbons and Michael Cherry said the $5k that Ivey donated wasn't enough to raise suspicion. Their exact words were, "Without more, the campaign contributions are insufficient to demonstrate that actual or implied bias existed on the part of Judge Gonzalez."

With his divorce case now behind him, Phil Ivey can put his full-time attention back on poker again. He hasn't played many tournaments in recent years, but Ivey has been playing online poker lately. In fact, the past two days have seen him win over $736k on the Full Tilt high stakes tables.