Nevada makes Rare Addition to Black Book by banning Slots Cheat

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It takes a lot to be added to Nevada's Black Book (a.k.a. Nevada's Excluded Person List), which bans cheaters and nefarious people from casinos. That said, the Nevada Gaming Control Board must have deemed Larry Keith Green a serious cheating threat because they've just added him to the Black Book.

Green was caught trying to rig slot machines with an electronic device, which is his fifth gaming violation. Three of the 63-year-old's prior offenses for rigging slots with electronic devices occurred in Las Vegas, while the other one happened in Missouri.

According to Deputy Attorney General John Michela, Green was already on five-year probation for his previous crimes and ordered by a judge not to set foot in casinos. Now, with his Black Book membership, Green will be arrested on felony charges just for stepping foot inside of a gaming establishment.

As for the Black Book, this list was originally started in 1972 to keep notorious mobsters out of casinos. The Excluded Person List was part of a greater effort to clean up Las Vegas and wrestle control away from organized crime. With casinos now run by major corporations, the Black Book is now used as more of a means to ban career cheaters.

At this time, only 34 people are listed in the Black Book, including 33 men and one woman. The last person to be put in this book was Roderick William Dee III in 2012. Just like Green, Dee also used devices to rig slot machine payouts. Another similarity that Dee shares with Green is that he was previously convicted of rigging slots in Las Vegas four times, as well as once in Missouri too. 

These men are the only people to be added to the Excluded Person List in the last five years. However, there's the potential for Archie Karas to also earn a spot here since the legendary gambler was recently caught cheating for the fifth time in San Diego. But it's still quite early to say what will happen in Karas' case.