Mobile Gambling soon expected to be $100 Billion Industry

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A few years ago, mobile gambling was a novelty idea that had little to no effect on the internet gaming industry as a whole. But all of this has changed now with the majority of online casinos and poker sites now offering players a mobile option. 

Now people with an Android, iPad or iPhone can quickly access real money casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette. And as you'll find out, this ease of access has industry insiders expecting big things from mobile gambling in the future.

Upward Trend

While mobile casinos are already successful, many are excited because growth should continue at a rapid rate. A recent Juniper Research study documented this growth by predicting that wireless gaming will become a $100 billion industry by 2017.

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The primary catalyst behind this massive growth is expected to be both lottery games and social media sites like Facebook. The latter is especially key because Facebook just opened up mobile bingo to UK residents, and this operation is going extremely well. Based on this success, Facebook will most likely expand their gaming options in the near future.

Why Mobile Gambling is exploding

If you're looking for a reason why mobile casinos and poker sites are quickly increasing in popularity, you need look no further than the convenience factor. Many people have been drawn away from land-based and traditional online gambling (laptop, desktop) options lately because smartphones and tablet computers enable them to play games anywhere.

Now players no longer have to spend lots of money to visit casinos or lug around a laptop. They can simply use their mobile device and enjoy real money casino games anywhere. This being said, it may be hard to see a scenario where most internet gaming isn't done on smartphones and tablets.