Daniel Negreanu continues War with Popular Poker Forum

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Since beginning his career in the early 1990's in Toronto card rooms, Daniel Negreanu has managed to establish himself as one of the world's best poker pros. That said, he's developed a large amount of respect within the poker community.

Unfortunately for him, this clout doesn't carry over to the popular TwoPlusTwo forum, which has now shut down two of Negreanu's threads. Let's discuss both of these incidents in detail and talk about the scathing comments that the Canadian made about 2p2.

A Charitable Cause

This past week saw Negreanu start a TwoPlusTwo thread about the 22Q Foundation - a charity which helps raise money for children with the life-threatening 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Negreanu is one of several prominent poker pros who are trying to generate money for this cause. Unfortunately, TwoPlusTwo wasn't in a charitable mood after they deleted his post along with the thread. Following this action, Negreanu posted the following in a fit of rage:

Have a heart. It's for charity. Stop being such nits. I get along fine with David Sklansky and feel like he really isn't too involved with all this crap, but Mason Malmuth and that kook moderator are greasy, slimy, nerdy, nutcases and they make me sick.

Just following Policy

While it seems that 2p2 is definitely without a heart for deleting Negreanu's post, the forum is simply following policy. In the past, they've had trouble with spammers posting in the name of charity, which led the forum to ban all charity-related threads. A moderator named "Kevmath" showed up where Negreanu was posting to explain the situation.

Plus it's likely that 2p2 doesn't find the star poker player entirely trustworthy since they handed him a one-day suspension for starting two threads about iSeries Live. This new poker organization has nothing to do with charity, and the forum felt that Negreanu was trying to use his influence to gain free advertising. Whatever the case may be, Negreanu feels wronged by the deleted threads and is making a case to his followers.