Casino Saint returns $10k in Lost Winnings

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While Las Vegas isn't normally revered for its large number of kind-hearted people, Mitch Gilbert may be starting a new trend in Sin City. While waiting for his flight home, the Colorado native found a couple of envelopes marked "Caesar's Palace" lying in the airport. He put the two envelopes in his luggage, and didn't worry about them until returning home.

Baggage Claim

After getting unpacked, Gilbert opened the envelopes to find a total of $10,000. Now at this point, most people would be thinking about keeping the cash since it was anonymously obtained. And it would have been especially easy for Gilbert to do so from a moral standpoint since he's a realtor in Colorado, where business has been struggling. However, he chose to do the honorable thing by calling the airport and looking for anybody who reported missing money.

Lost and Found

After spending a while trying to convince airport security to help him out, somebody finally agreed to look for the person who was out $10k. Sure enough, a man from El Paso, Texas named Ignacio Marquez had called the airport earlier to report $10,000 in lost money; Gilbert then agreed to transfer $10k to Marquez. 

After going to so much trouble to return money that could have easily been his, Gilbert explained his thought process by saying, "I wanted to show my kids the right thing to do. It would have been a lot easier keeping it to be honest with you. But I felt like I had to get it back to the right person." This isn't to say that his decision to return the money was easy though as Gilbert added, "I would have loved to have $10,000. But it felt so good to be able to get it back to the guy. I felt like a million bucks."