Card Sharp cheats Crown Casino out of $32 Million

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Cheating is nothing new in the casino world since card sharps have existed for centuries. However, few casino cheaters have ever been as successful as an unidentified high roller who took Melbourne's Crown Casino for $32 million.

An Inside Job

Neither the Crown Casino nor the Melbourne police have released many details on the $32 million cheating scandal. So the identities of the cheaters and the exact card game aren't known at this time. However, authorities did reveal that the high roller had inside help in pulling off the caper.

It's been speculated that the player met a Crown VIP host while staying at the casino's luxury suites - some of which cost $30,000 a night. From here, the VIP host hacked into the casino's surveillance system to gain access to the zoom cameras. Meanwhile, the high stakes player wore an earpiece so that the VIP host could relay information to him. Security consultant Barron Stringfellow explained the situation by stating:

Through a wireless transmission to his ear during his eight hands of play, he was told exactly what plays would be beneficial to make.

What about the Money?

As for the $32 million, it's not entirely clear how much of the money was spent or where it all is. However, a Crown Casino spokeswoman believes that they'll recover most of the $32 million. She stated:

Crown’s surveillance department recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam. A Crown investigation is under way and is ongoing - (Crown Casino) in a good position to recover a significant portion of the amount involved in the scam.

In regard to the two cheaters, the player has been banned from the Crown Casino while the VIP host has been fired. No details have been released on if the two men have officially been charged in the scandal.