Why do We have Gambling Superstitions?


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Many people who play casino games have a firm belief that good luck will bring them winnings. And this gives rise to a number of interesting behaviors such as bringing lucky charms to the tables, wagering on certain numbers, and occupying lucky seats.

Now those who believe in logic don't really buy into the idea of gambling superstitions. Instead, they have a firm belief that math and statistics dictate how successful people are with games of chance. Seeing as how there are plenty of doubters, it's definitely worth checking out why superstition has become such a large part of the gaming culture.

Steeped in History

One of the biggest reasons why casino visitors are into superstition is because of history. For example, you still commonly see people blow on dice while playing craps. This gesture comes from an old cheating method that involves painting dice with a substance that becomes sticky with moisture. Blowing on the dice is the most popular way to create this moisture, make the dice sticky, and cause them to land on certain numbers more frequently.

Another common superstitious belief is that nobody should ever whistle or sing at the tables. The reason why is because people have commonly whistled and sang to stay positive in graveyards around dead people. That said, bettors still don't want this mentality brought to the gaming tables.

Personal Experience

Not all gambling superstition has arisen from beliefs from the past. In fact, many casino myths are formulated by individuals based on their personal experiences. Some slots players prefer a specific seat in their favorite casino, usually because a huge payout happened there.

Lucky numbers normally come about due to preference too. For example, let's say that somebody had a lucky number when they played high school soccer. Well there's a decent chance that they'll also favor this number if they were to play roulette.

Should you rely on Luck?

While there are some really good reasons why gambling superstitions exist, this doesn't mean that you should put your faith in luck. After all, it's much better to study strategy for games and try to cut down on the house edge.

So if you play blackjack, it'd be smart to look over as much blackjack strategy as you can before playing any hands. Of course, if you still want to have some superstitions too, that's fine. Just don't put all your hopes into a lucky rabbit's foot!