Why do the Rich play Casino Games?


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The obvious motivation for playing casino games is to try and make some money. Sure the house has a slight edge in most games, but there are still plenty of people who've won big. Seeing as how the majority of people like these games because they can earn quick money, it's worth asking why the wealthy also gamble.

After all, rich people don't really need to win extra cash in casinos. Furthermore, they assume risk when placing bets, which should be a deterrent from wagering. But even with all of this being said, wealthy icons such as Paris Hilton, Prince Harry, Katie Perry and the late Kerry Packer have spent plenty of time on the gambling tables. Assuming you're wondering why they choose to play casino games, here's a closer look at the subject.

Entertainment...not Gambling

With so much money to blow, most celebrities and wealthy people look at betting as an enjoyable activity, rather than something that could cost them lots of money. In fact, most of the elite don't even worry about the money; instead, they're merely seeking thrills and entertainment. Nothing beats watching the roulette wheel spin or dice being thrown when there's something at stake!

Secure Location

Sometimes it's hard for rich people and celebrities to enjoy themselves out in public because they may get bothered by fans and/or critics. Fortunately, most casinos are private clubs with trained security personnel. So if somebody is being harassed by another casino visitor, security is likely to step in and handle the situation. This is perfect for celebrities because they're given an extra layer of protection while playing in casinos.

Adrenaline Rush

One more reason why the wealthy love casino games is because these provide a rush that can't be gotten anywhere else. Sure watching a movie or dining at a fancy restaurant is fun, but neither experience provides the adrenaline rush of having $1,000 on a hand of blackjack. In short, excitement is just one more big reason why rich people are willing to sit down to the casino tables and try to win big.