What is Rapid Roulette?


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When most people play roulette in casinos, they expect to be standing around a crowded table while physically placing wagers. However, times are changing and casino visitors are finding out that there's an entirely new way to enjoy the game. This newer innovation is called Rapid Roulette and it's starting to catch on at more and more land-based casinos. That said, let's discuss both how this game works and if it compares to the traditional version.

How Rapid Roulette works

Many elements of Rapid Roulette are quite similar to the regular game because there is a human dealer and physical wheel involved. However, the big change is that players sit at electronic terminals instead of standing by the wheel and table layout.

While at their electronic terminal, players can make wagers and see which bets win through their screen. Aside from seeing the action on their touch screens, players will usually be able to view a large monitor that shows where the ball lands.

Rapid Roulette vs. the Traditional Wheel

It's not hard to see that the experience you get with Rapid Roulette is quite a bit different from what's seen on the regular roulette wheels. This being said, it's worth discussing how the rapid version compares to the more traditional roulette game.

Those who prefer a social environment will most likely enjoy the normal casino roulette experience. After all, they get to be around other players and chat with them in between wagers. People who think that roulette wheels are too crowded may prefer Rapid games instead because they get their own individual touch screen. Furthermore, there's a decent amount of space in between terminals, which gives players some space.

Assuming you are interested in trying Rapid Roulette, you should check out if your local casino offers this option. Now there's no guarantee they will, but if it is available, you might have some fun trying this roulette version. Assuming you do end up loving Rapid Roulette, you'll have a great game to continue playing in the future.