Can watching Roulette Dealers help you predict Spins?


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Nearly everybody plays roulette the standard way, where they simply try to predict what number, color or section the ball will land on. And most players don't have a problem with this because if they were playing European roulette, for example, they'd only surrender a 2.70% house edge.

But there's a small group of roulette players who want to gain an advantage over the casino. In regards to roulette, many of these players try to use wheel bias, which involves recording thousands of spins in an effort to find a biased wheel. But the main problem with this is that you might never even find an off-balanced wheel.

So this brings us to another advantage play method that involves watching how the dealer spins the ball (a.k.a. dealer signatures). This is a very intriguing way of trying to beat the house in roulette, so it's definitely worth looking at dealer signatures a little closer.

How to spot Dealer Signatures

A lot goes into watching dealers and gaining information which could help you on future spins. Some of the different aspects that you want to look for include how fast the dealer spins the ball, odds movements in their wrist or fingers, how they hold the ball, when they release it, etc.

Obviously it's not easy to process all of these movements and make winning bets as a result. But some players are convinced that they can accurately predict roulette results through dealer signatures.

Practicing your Observation Skills

If you're interested in trying to watch dealer movements in hopes of guessing where they'll throw the ball, remember that practice makes perfect. A great starting place would be to visit a land-based casino, stand off to the side and watch the dealer over and over again. By just concentrating on the dealer, rather than making bets, you can really focus on building your skills.

The more you practice observing dealers and how they release the ball, the better chances you have of making money off dealer signatures. Just remember that this is a long process though, so give it some time.