How to walk away from Casino Games with Winnings


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Every bettor has experienced the ire of doing well in casino games, only to continue betting and lose everything. And the obvious self-reflection to this is, "Why didn't I quit when I was ahead!?"

That said, many a gamblers have wondered if there's a perfect time to quit playing casino games when they're up on the house. After all, it feels a lot better to leave when the casino when you've got some profits over walking away empty-handed. Let's attempt to solve the question of when it's best to quit by looking at the house edge, goal-setting and emotions. 

The House Edge

Unless you're a poker pro or blackjack card counter, every casino game that you play is going to feature a house edge. And however dismal this may seem, it's just a fact. So the reality is that the more you play casino games, the more chance there is that you're eventually going to lose winnings that you've built up.

However, you can decrease the chances of this happening by playing games with low house edges. Video poker (0.46%), blackjack (0.5% casino edge), baccarat (1.06%), craps (1.41%) and Pai Gow poker (1.51%) are some of the best games to play in terns of the house advantage. Some lucky players even beat the long-term house edge through these games.


Your ability to walk away with winnings from a casino gaming session will depend greatly upon your goals. More specifically, how much money are you looking to win during a session? If it's $20 and you're making $1 bets in online blackjack, you should stop playing as soon as you hit this $20 win limit. Assuming you expect to make $50, it's going to be a lot harder to bank profits. So keep this in mind and set a win limit for yourself.


The biggest reason why we accumulate profits in casino games, only to lose them, is because we get caught up in the moment. Many players want to maximize their successful session by going for even more money. Unfortunately, this is a quick way to lose all of the money that you've made. So if you can keep your emotions in check after hitting a win limit, you'll be a lot closer to keeping some of your gaming profits.

More than anything, keep in mind that casino gaming is about having fun and enjoying yourself. And if you don't win money in one session, come back again with a fresh mindset.