Top Ways to learn Blackjack Card Counting


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There may be no more fascinating subject in blackjack than card counting. In fact, we at Beejack have previously been interested in this subject, having discussed live blackjack card counting. What's neat is that those who have an interest in counting can use a number of techniques to become better at this practice. If this sounds good to you, here are some of the best ways to improve as a card counter.

Deal Cards to yourself

Players who are new to card counting should definitely start by dealing cards to their self. The idea is to deal just like you're sitting at the table with others to simulate a normal blackjack environment. While you're dealing cards, you should be using a counting system to find out when you've got the advantage. Of course, this step comes only after you have spent considerable time learning a counting system.

Have Somebody else deal you Cards

If you've conquered self-dealing, the next step is to have a friend deal cards around the table while you sit like a regular player. The great thing about this technique is that it's an even closer simulation to a land-based casino atmosphere because your friend is acting as the dealer. You especially get some nice practice at trying to keep a count if your friend is a fast dealer!

Software Programs

These days there are software programs that help you learn to count cards better. What's nice is that some of these programs are even free so you don't have to worry about investing any money. However, if you want a more advanced product and are serious about counting, some of the programs are worth spending the cash.

Watch Casino Games

One more great way to learn card counting is by watching live blackjack in person. You can just stand off to the side and watch the game as it's being dealt; all the while, you'll be counting cards as if you were one of the players. When you're good enough at this, you'll be really prepared when it actually comes to putting your money on the line.