Tips for Craps Tournaments


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These days, many people play online craps since it's fast and convenient. But this certainly doesn't mean that the craps tables have gone empty at brick and mortar casinos. Players especially love playing in land-based casinos because this is where craps tourneys can be found. Assuming you're new to this experience, here are some craps tournament tips that'll help you get off to a good start.Tip #1 - Know the Tournament StructureThe first and foremost thing you want to do before entering a craps tournament is look at the structure. In other words, you need to know how many players get paid and how long the rounds last. For example, if only the top 10% of the tournament field receive payouts, you'll need an aggressive strategy to get in the money. But if 20% of the field gets paid, you don't have to be as risky just to cash. In regard to the rounds, many tournaments eliminate players at certain intervals. So if you need to be in the top half of the field to move on, this is important to know while playing.Tip #2 - Remember that you're competing against Other PlayersBecause traditional craps games are played against the house, it's easy to forget that tourneys are played against other people. This means that you may not always be placing Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come and Don't Come wagers. Instead, you might need to make some long-shot wagers every now and then to catch up to the leaders. On the other hand, if you're ahead of everybody else, you don't want to make overly risky bets and put your chip stack in danger.Tip #3 - Practice Controlled ShootingAs many players know, controlled shooting is the advantage play method used by professional craps players. And it's certainly not an easy art to perfect either. However, if you're serious about craps tournaments, you might want to practice controlled shooting to give yourself an edge. Buy a cheap craps table, put it in your basement, and practice rolling dice the same way every time to get a desired effect.Also don't forget to exercise good bankroll management when you're playing in craps tourneys. If you can manage your chips better than other players, it'll give you an edge on opponents.