Taking Odds in Online Craps


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When compared to other casino games, online craps has one of the lower house edges available. By making the pass line or come bets, you're only dealing with a 1.41% casino advantage. If you opt for the don't pass line or don't come wagers, you are only looking at a 1.36% house advantage.

What's nice is that you can actually lower the online craps house edge even further. And we're not talking about some sacred advantage play method that'll few players know about. Instead, we're alluding to backing certain craps bets with "odds," which is explained in detailed below.

How to "Take Odds"

If you've never heard of odds in craps, don't feel completely oblivious. Not every online casino offers odds because they lower the house edge by quite a bit. But those casinos that do allow you to take odds are definitely worth visiting and re-visiting. The reason why is because these are even money wagers that carry no casino edge.

The two bets that you can back with odds are the pass line and don't pass line wager. For example, if you placed a don't pass line bet, you might be able to put 1x odds behind your original wager. Assuming you win the pass line bet, you'll also win the odds wager too.

Effect on the House Edge

By taking odds, you are effectively cutting the casino advantage in half - or even lower depending on the odds. The following shows how these extra bets cut down on the casino edge:

Pass Line House Edge w/o Odds: 1.41%
Pass Line House Edge with 1x Odds: 0.85%
Pass Line House Edge with 2x Odds: 0.61%

Pass Line House Edge w/o Odds: 1.36%
Pass Line House Edge with 1x Odds: 0.81%
Pass Line House Edge with 2x Odds: 0.57%

As you can see, your chances of beating craps games are dramatically better when odds are involved. And the lower the odds you find, the more advantageous the situation becomes.

Remember...It's a Separate Bet

One thing that's really important to remember with odds wagers is that they are separate from your original bet. In other words, you don't make a $10 pass line bet, then simply say you want 2x odds without putting additional money down; instead, you'd need to put an extra $20 on the line (2x $10 = $20).

So make sure that you have a big enough bankroll before rushing to the craps games where odds bets are present. And it's definitely worth building up a large bankroll for these games because of how much the house edge can be lowered.