Don't like Table Games? Learn to play Video Poker


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If there's one thing that's clear about brick and mortar casinos, it's that table games can be intimidating. This is especially true when you're new to the whole casino culture and looking for a place to start betting. After all, there are a lot of unspoken etiquette rules involved with casino table games, and you can look pretty foolish if you violate any of them.

Because of this fact, many beginners like to focus on slot machines. The first reason why is because there's no etiquette involved with slots. You're sitting by yourself at a machine and there's nobody else to worry about - provided you aren't overly-loud of course!

Another big reason why slot machines are popular among beginners is due to the fact that they're extremely simple to play. All you have to do is look at the paytable and betting options, then start spinning the reels. Because of the ease of use, slot machines are both relaxing and fun.

However, one thing to worry about when playing slots is that the payback isn't extremely great. Most land-based casinos only offer 93-90% payback at best, unless you're wagering $1 or more per spin. That said, there are much better options in regard to machines - particularly one specific game.

Learn Video Poker and Win

If you're going to play machine-based casino games, there is no better option than video poker. In most cases, you can at least find full pay Jacks or Better, which offers 99.54% payback. If you get extremely lucky in smaller casinos, you might find full pay Deuces Wild (100.8% payback) or Double Bonus poker (100.2% payback).

However, just being able to find Jacks or Better gives you a great opportunity to win some profits. Remember though that you want to be playing the full pay version where you're chasing the absolute top payback.

Study Strategy

One thing we've left out so far that's critical to achieving the best video poker payouts is strategy. Assuming you want the best opportunity to win, you need to focus on learning perfect video poker strategy.

Now it's not easy to play perfect video poker because there are a lot of decisions you need to make on every hand. But with practice and a little hard work, it's definitely possible for you to chase the top video poker payback. Furthermore, you'll have an amazing opportunity to win some money and possibly hit a royal flush.