Subtle Casino Tricks that fool most Players


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Most people are aware that the casino holds a house edge in most games. However, these same casino visitors may not be aware of the various tricks that land-based gaming establishments use to pull in extra profits.

And when we say "tricks," we're not talking about dealers using slight-of-hand movements or manipulating games to steal your money. Instead, we are referring to legal, subtle things that casinos do to fool players into subconsciously spending more money. Assuming you don't want to be tricked into losing your bankroll, be sure to watch out for the following sneaky casino moves.

1. Using Chips instead of Money

Many people think that the sole reason why casinos use chips instead of cash for games is to discourage theft. However, there's another big reason and this involves trying to make players forget that they're spending money. After all, if you are betting a $5 chip instead of a $5 bill, you're less likely to think in terms of money when you lose. Furthermore, you'll play longer during losing streaks because you don't completely associate chips with money.

2. Removing Clocks

One of the oldest casino tricks in the book is not having any clocks on the gaming floor. The simple reason for doing this is to hinder people from realizing how long they've been in the casino. To avoid falling victim to this maneuver, make sure to check your cell phone frequently to monitor how long you've been playing casino games.

3. Dealing Games Quickly

Because the house has an edge in almost every situation, it's to their advantage if the games are dealt quickly. That said, you won't find many slow dealers in the casino. A good way to combat this dilemma is to look for gaming tables where there are more players; this slows the game down because extra people are making decisions.

4. Comping Big Winners

If you've ever won big in a casino game, you'll often be offered lots of comps by the casino host. And they're not doing this because they admire your play and like you. Instead, casinos want to lure you back in and get their money back if you play games again.

5. Featuring Ugly Carpeting

Ever wonder why many casinos are so luxurious on the outside and entranceway, yet feature such ugly carpeting on the gaming floor? Is it because the interior decorator suddenly got sloppy while doing this job? Actually, the truth is that land-based casinos want to keep players' eyes on the games, so they purposely lay crappy carpet down. Knowing this may not prevent you from losing any money, but it's always a nice piece of knowledge to have.

The point of playing casino games is certainly to have fun. However, you should keep these tricks in mind so that you can avoid being subconsciously pushed into spending more than you bargained for.