Single Deck Blackjack - Not as Good as you think


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For years, casinos have used single deck blackjack to lure players to their establishments. Single deck games offer a lower house edge than the more commonly-seen six deck blackjack with the casino advantage dropping by 0.26%. However, this isn't the only consideration that you need to take into account since a lone deck can sometimes lead to a worse overall house edge.

Blackjack Payouts

One problem you need to watch for in single deck blackjack - especially at land-based casinos - involves terrible natural blackjack payouts. The ideal situation involves being paid 3:2 on your original wager after being dealt a 21 on the first two cards.

But what some casinos try to do is trick players with the allure of single deck games, then throw in 6:5 natural blackjack payouts. Initially, this may not sound too bad; however, 6:5 payoffs actually increase the casino edge by 1.4%. Out of all the blackjack rules that can change the house edge, this is the biggest factor so make sure to seek out 3:2 payouts.

Hitting a Soft 17

Even if 6:5 payoffs aren't involved, another problem that you sometimes encounter with single deck blackjack is when the dealer can hit on a soft 17. What's bad about this is that dealers are given more opportunities to improve their hands, which increases the house edge by around 0.2%.

Long story short, you should focus on games where the dealer must stand on a soft 17. After all, a single deck advantage can be negated by dealers hitting in these situations. You can tell whether the dealer has to stand or hit on a soft 17 by looking at what's printed on the table.

Other Rules

While we've covered the most common hurdles that players could face in single deck blackjack, please be aware how some casinos may slip in other negative rules. With this being the case, you should always find out what rules are involved before you try any single deck game. By doing so, you'll ensure that you have a better chance to win long-term profits.