A Single Deck is also Good for Baccarat


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Many blackjack players clamor for single deck games because the house edge is lower. And it's not hard to understand why because the house edge drops quite a bit with single deck blackjack. All rules being equal, the house edge drops by 0.56% when moving from standard 6-deck tables to single-deck games.

What's interesting though is that the desire for a single deck goes beyond just blackjack. In fact, many baccarat players also look for games with a lone deck, which you can read about below.

Effect of Single Deck Baccarat

Most baccarat games feature either six or eight decks. With either of these deck amounts, the lowest house edge that a player can attain is 1.06%. This is done by wagering on the banker hand to win every time.

If you play single deck baccarat, the strategy remains the same in that you keep betting on the banker hand. However, the house advantage drops down to 1.01% simply because there are less decks in play. So if you can find a baccarat game where just one deck is being used, you should definitely play it.

A Noticeable Long-Term Difference

Now, at first glance, some people may not think that a 0.05% difference is worth trying to find single deck baccarat. And if you're only betting a $1 per hand in online baccarat, it's probably not going to affect your long-term winnings too much.

However, let's say that you bet $10 per hand and play 1,000 hands; this amounts to $10,000 in total money wagered. Assuming everything falls in line with the house edge, you'd lose $106 in six and eight deck games (10,000 x 0.0106). But if you were to play single deck games during the same span, you'd only lose $101. Sure, this isn't a giant difference. However, it's one that heavy baccarat players will notice as they continue making bets.

So if you know of a land-based or online casino that offers baccarat games with just one deck, you should definitely take a seat. This is especially true if you bet a lot of money on baccarat!