Should you play Two Blackjack Hands at Once?


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For most blackjack players, one hand at a time is enough. After all, blackjack is a casino game where skill plays a heavy role in determining results. So the more hands you deal with, the more decisions you have to make.

But even with this being the case, there are still some blackjack players who prefer to play two hands at a time. This can easily be arranged in a live blackjack game if the seat next to you is empty. And some people see this as a way to double their profits if they are running good.

But is it truly a good idea to play two hands of blackjack simultaneously? Let's answer this question by taking a closer look at the mathematics behind blackjack.

An Accelerated Pace

As most players realize, casinos hold the advantage in blackjack games. Sure this edge is a rather small one (with correct strategy), but it's still an edge nonetheless. So even if you're lowering the house edge to 0.5%, you are likely to lose money over the long term.

This being said, adding another hand into the mix only serves to accelerate your losses. Since you have two hands on the table, the 0.5% house edge now doubles to 1.0% per turn. This is still quite low in comparison to other casino games. But the fact that you're playing double the hands on each turn is theoretically a worse bet.

Less Hands per Hour

Although you double the casino's advantage by playing two hands at a time, it's worth mentioning that the game will slow down some. After all, you having an extra hand means that the dealer will have one more hand to deal. So, for example, if you're being dealt 100 hands per hour, this average might drop down to 90 hands. Assuming the house edge were 0.5% before, it would go up to 0.9% when you factor in an extra hand over 90 hands.

In the Name of Fun

In this discussion, it's important to keep one major thing in mind: blackjack is all about having fun! If playing two hands on each turn brings more joy and excitement to the game for you, then keep doubling the amount of hands. Sure the house edge may increase slightly, but it's a small price to pay for a better overall blackjack experience.