Scratch Cards - The New Online Casino Craze


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When it comes to buying scratch cards, people typically think of brick and mortar convenience stores first. After all, the "scratch" part of this game comes from the fact that players purchase these tickets and scratch them with a coin to reveal prizes. But the truth is that scratch cards aren't strictly relegated to land-based vendors anymore because many online casinos are offering them too. Online scratch cards are becoming quite a craze at sites like 888casino, which makes them worth a closer look.

Same Great Game with a Different Format

If you're worried about some huge change when moving from land-based scratch cards to their online counterparts, don't worry because the process is basically the same. Only instead of using a coin or hard-surfaced object to scratch off your card, you click with a mouse to reveal covered spaces. Since the same playing process is used, the fun and excitement is kept intact when you play online scratch cards.

The Ultimate in Convenience

Do you love playing scratch cards, yet hate the thought of making a trip to the convenience store solely for these tickets? Anybody who's gotten the itch to play scratch cards out of nowhere has probably felt this way at some point in their life. Luckily, they now have the option to simply jump online and play scratch cards. Seeing as how it only takes a few moments to turn your computer on and log into an online casino, you could be buying cards in no time!

Huge Prizes for a Small Price

As if the convenience aspect of playing online scratch cards isn't enough, players can also appreciate how there are some huge prizes to be won too. For example, many games feature card prices as low as $0.50 and top prizes ranging from $1,000-$2,000. Seeing as how players have a chance to win $1k-$10k with just a few clicks of their mouse, this is definitely an exciting prospect!

Assuming you're interested in playing scratch cards at an online casino, you can create an account within a few minutes. From here, you can either make a deposit or play free scratch cards until you're ready for real money play.