Is there really Bingo Strategy?


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One game of chance that's definitely withstood the test of time is bingo. People have been playing bingo for decades, and it's recently gotten very popular at online casinos too. Due to the popularity of bingo, many people wonder if they can actually gain a long-term edge with the game.

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you can't gain a long-term edge while playing bingo. Much like online slots, this game is designed to always give the house an edge, and there are no common advantage play methods like card counting (blackjack), wheel bias (roulette) or controlled shooting (craps).

But this isn't to say that there's absolutely nothing you can do to improve your online bingo odds. In fact, here are a few tips that you can use to better your chances of earning money in bingo games.

1. Play at Casinos with the Lowest House Edge

Not all online casinos are created equally when it comes to the house advantage. In fact, some casinos may offer a vastly different edge when compared to others. Some of the worst bingo sites feature a terrible 40% house advantage for many of their games. On the other hand, some sites only feature a 10% house edge or less. So do your research before signing up and depositing at an online bingo room.

2. Stick to Small Games with a Little Bankroll

It's always fun to play bingo games that offer the biggest prizes. However, this isn't always the best idea when you've got a small bankroll. The reason why is because you need frequent winnings to sustain a smaller roll. So the less players there are, the better your chances are of collecting some prize money.

3. Always turn the Auto-Dabber on

Most online casinos give players the option to either dab numbers themselves or use the auto-dabber feature. The latter lets software mark all of the numbers for you so nothing will be missed. Sure you might get bored and want to dab numbers; however, it's better to simply use the auto-dabbber so every number is marked.

One more point worth making is that you should always exercise good bankroll management. Doing so will ensure that you can stay in the game and eventually win big.