Pai Gow Poker - A Very Winnable Game


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When it comes to casino games with low house edges, blackjack (0.5% house edge), baccarat (1.06% edge) and craps (1.36% edge) quickly come to mind. However, this isn't to say these are the only three games which give players a great opportunity to win profits.

This is especially true when you consider Pai Gow poker, which is a game that carries a 1.46% casino edge. Sure you can do slightly better by playing blackjack, baccarat or video poker; but Pai Gow is definitely comparable to craps. Actually, this game is pretty comparable to baccarat as well because the house normally takes out a 5% commission on wins.

If you're interested in learning more about Pai Gow poker, continue reading about how to play and what stakes are typically available.

How to play Pai Gow Poker

A Pai Gow hand begins with each player being dealt seven cards. The goal is to form the best possible five-card and two-card hands, and beat the dealer. You need to win both hands to beat the dealer and win your bet. Assuming you win one hand and lose the other, your wager is a push and the original bet is returned. If you lose both hands, you also lose your wager.

Anybody who's used to playing regular poker games should have little trouble with this game. That's because common hand rankings apply to Pai Gaw. If you're in a land-based casino and unsure of how to play, you can always show your hand to the dealer and ask for instruction.

Common Stakes

Stakes vary greatly for Pai Gow games played in brick and mortar casinos. Some of the smaller gaming establishments offer $5 and $10 stakes, which is perfect for low rollers. Bigger casinos, like those found on the Vegas Strip, usually require $25 minimum bets or even $50 in some cases.

Assuming you're on a budget, online Pai Gow poker is definitely an attractive prospect. The reason why is because minimum wagers normally begin at just $1. Factoring in the low 1.46% house edge, you could literally play online Pai Gow poker for hours with just $20 or $30.