Online Slots Mistakes that really hurt your Bankroll


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For the most part, online slots is a pretty straightforward game with little strategy involved. You pick your bet amount and how many paylines to play, spin the reels, and hope to win.

But this isn't to say that there's absolutely no strategy involved with online slots. In fact, money management is a huge key to eventually experiencing success with slots. And there are some really big bankroll management mistakes that you can make with slots if you're not careful. That said, here are some slots mistakes that you should work hard to avoid.

1. Playing Expensive Progressive Slots

Most of the biggest jackpots in online slots are found with progressive games. As many players realize, progressive games see the jackpot grow as more bets are made. But while chasing multi-million dollar prizes is fun, it can also be really expensive too.

Many progressive games charge at least $1 per spin - if not more - just to qualify for the jackpot. Of course, you can also make less expensive spins; however, not making jackpot-qualifying spins lowers your expected payback. So if you can't afford to play progressive slots, opt for cheaper games.

2. Chasing After Bonuses

Internet casinos offer slots players a chance to earn big signup bonuses and rewards by making deposits and meeting wagering requirements. For example, if you deposited $100 while going after a 100% up to $100 bonus, you may have to bet 20x the deposit plus bonus amount - or $2,000 in this case [20 x (100 + 100)] - to collect your reward.

But the problem here is that not everybody can afford to wager this much. Even still, some people try to meet the requirements and keep depositing money that they can't afford to lose. And when this happens, you can really lose some major cash.

3. Playing Too Long

One more huge gaffe that players run into is over-extending their slots sessions. For instance, if somebody plays for three hours, they might be putting a serious dent in their bankroll. This being said, it's important to moderate your playing time if you are dealing with a small bankroll. So if you've got $200, you might want to limit your sessions to half an hour each.

Also don't forget to keep your spin costs low and avoid using the "autospin" feature. By taking these steps, you ensure that you're not burning up money too rapidly.