Are Online Scratch Cards worth playing?


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Scratch cards are certainly nothing new because brick and mortar casinos have been selling them for decades. And these games are extremely popular because they're easy to play and provide quick satisfaction. Taking this into account, online casinos have begun offering scratch cards too while hoping to capitalize on these products.

But with so many land-based casinos selling scratch cards, is it even worth giving them a try at internet casinos? Let's answer this question by looking at some of the obvious benefits of playing online scratch cards.

All of the Fun without leaving the House

The best thing about internet cards is that you don't need to leave the house to play. Instead, you can simply hop online and buy cards from an online casino. What's nice is that you still get to experience the same fun and thrills with online scratch cards because - like the name implies - you scratch to reveal potential prizes. And there's nothing more exciting than the moment right before you use your virtual coin to hopefully win big!

Better Chance to win

If ever there were a reason to play scratch cards over the internet, it's that the odds of winning are better than in land-based convenience stores. Since most physical cards are sold by lottery corporations, they only offer around 50-55% payback. So if you paid $5 for a scratch card, you're looking at a $2.50 return on average. Contrast this to online cards where payback normally ranges from 92% - 95%. Considering this figure, the average player would be getting around $0.95 back on every $1 they wager.

Big Prizes

One thing that holds some people back from buying scratch cards online is that they fear the prizes will be too small. However, this shouldn't be a worry because there are plenty of huge payouts to be found with online scratch cards. For example, you might win 10,000x your original wager in some cases. Assuming you bet $1 on a winning card this big, you'd receive a $10,000 prize!

Lots of Bonuses and Rewards

Don't forget that in addition to everything else we've talked about, you can also earn some nice rewards and bonuses by playing internet scratch cards. You'll build up loyalty points with every card purchased and also have the chance to earn deposit bonus money. Just check the "promotions" section of your casino and see what all is available.