Online Gambling on a Mac


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When the concept of online gambling was first formed, Mac users weren't exactly included in the equation. In fact, no early online casinos catered to potential Mac players because the computer's designer, Apple, was nearly bankrupt in the mid-1990's.  

However, times have definitely changed since Apple rebounded in a major way, and their Mac computer line is more prevalent than ever. Now online casinos can't help but cater to Mac online gamblers since they comprise a decent majority of the internet gaming world. That said, let's take a quick look at how online casinos are enabling Mac users to play their games.

Instant Play

The most common avenue for people with Macs to play casino games involves instant play. With instant play, users can run casino games directly through their browser - thus negating the need to download software. The only requirement is that players have Java or Flash (depending on the casino), which are both small programs. It's also worth mentioning that PC users can take advantage of instant play if they don't want to download software.

Mac Casino Software Downloads

Sometimes instant play versions of casinos don't offer every feature available such as certain games, the ability to resize tables, chat options, etc. That's why it's nice when sites have downloadable Mac casino software as well. By downloading the software - when it's available - Mac players ensure that they don't miss any of the games/features that PC users are privy to.

Windows Emulation Program

Some Mac players may find that there's an online casino they want to play at, yet instant play and downloadable software are both missing from the equation. When this happens, players can still gain access to the casino through a Windows emulation program. These are programs that allow you to emulate Windows software through your Mac, thus enabling you to download software at PC-only online casinos. Popular Windows emulators include Bootcamp and Parallels, so check these out if you're hoping to play at a specific casino that doesn't offer Mac downloads or instant play.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to playing at online casinos through your Mac, which means you should have little trouble betting at the top sites.