Online Casino Myths


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Myths have existed in land-based casinos for centuries, so it should be no surprise that online casinos come with plenty of their own half-truths. Unfortunately, following the advice of some online casino myths can rob you of internet gaming enjoyment, so it's definitely worth busting a few of these tall tales.

Online Casino Myth #1 - Beware of the Cashout Curse

Some internet casino players heavily advise against cashing out from a site until you're officially done there. The reason why is because of the supposed "cashout curse," where online casinos punish players for withdrawing money by "making" them lose more. Fortunately, this interesting little bit of superstition has no truth or reason to it. After all, why would internet casinos want to create a reputation of punishing their customers?

​Online Casino Myth #2 - Internet Casinos don't answer to Anyone

One phobia that's around in the online gaming world involves the notion that casinos don't have to answer to anybody. In other words, they make their own rules and are the judge and jury in all matters. However, the reality is that the large majority of online casinos are licensed by various districts, which oversee these operations to ensure fair gaming.

​Online Casino Myth #3 - There aren't any Big Jackpots Online

In the early days of online casinos, their jackpots were seriously lagging behind those offered in land-based establishments. However, this is definitely not the case anymore since lots of multi-million dollar jackpots are offered at internet casinos. You can especially find some nice online slots jackpots if you're looking to get rich!

​Online Casino Myth #4 - You can't get Good Comps from Online Casinos

The final myth we'd like to bust revolves around the idea that there are no good comps to be found at internet casinos. Sure cyber casinos can't give out free meals and hotel rooms, but they more than make up for this in other regards. Some of the online casino bonuses you can expect to find include points for cash, vacation packages, and cool merchandise.