Online Casino Freeroll Tournaments


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You may have heard the saying that nothing is free in casinos because even the comps are paid for in a roundabout way. However, this isn't necessarily true because people can participate in freeroll tournaments at online casinos. Assuming you've never heard of a freeroll, then it's definitely worth explaining this concept further.

What is a Freeroll?

Simply put, a casino freeroll is a tournament where real money is offered, but no buy-in is charged. For example, most blackjack tournaments charge a buy-in fee, which goes toward covering the prize pool and paying casinos for running the event. However, with a freeroll, the prize pool is still there, but no buy-in is needed to play.

It's not hard to see why people enjoy these tourneys because they can win money without having to risk anything. Taking this into account, it's definitely worth moving on to discuss where players can find free tournaments.

Where Freerolls can be found

As we alluded to in the introduction, people can participate in freerolls at online casinos. Seeing as how internet casinos don't have heavy operating costs, they can afford to offer free tournaments with prize pools - unlike land-based casinos.

Now how many freerolls are available is entirely up to the casino where you're playing. Some sites are very generous with these tourneys while others aren't as thrilled about giving away free money. In any case, the internet casino you choose should at least offer some freerolls. Just check the software and look for dates/times on these events.

What to expect from Freeroll Tournaments

Freerolls come in different varieties with the heaviest concentration being blackjack and slots tournaments. However, you might also find tourneys for roulette, baccarat, video poker and other games too - depending upon how big your online casino of choice is.

It's also worth mentioning that freerolls often have different entry requirements as well. For example, some free tourneys are open to any member of the casino while others are restricted to certain VIP members. In either case, these tournaments give players an excellent chance to build their bankroll without spending a bunch of money.