Mini Roulette Strategy


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Chances are that if you're into casino gambling, you've probably played roulette before. Going further, you've most likely played American and/or European roulette because these are the most common wheels found in the casino. However, some casinos also offer a game called mini roulette, which gives players a different and fun variation to try.

With mini roulette, there are only 13 spaces on the wheel, and the numbers 0-12 are available. If you ever come across this game and decide to play it, you should look over the following mini roulette strategy.

Limit your Time with this Game

The first thing that we should mention right away is that mini roulette games won't give you as good of an opportunity to win as European roulette (2.70% house edge). In fact, some mini roulette games feature a 7.69% house edge, which makes them one of the poorer bets throughout the casino. Taking this into account, you should only play mini roulette for fun, and make sure to limit your spins.

Look for the Surrender Rule

As we just discussed, the mini roulette house edge can be as high as 7.69%, which is definitely not worth playing. That's why you want to look for the surrender rule, which pays half back when the ball lands on zero and causes you to lose an even money bet. By finding the surrender rule, the house edge is lowered to a more-manageable 3.85% house edge - assuming you stick with even money wagers.

Higher Limits are Available

In order to make mini roulette more attractive, casinos often allow players to make higher wagers, or remove betting limits altogether. Now this might not matter to the average player, but those who are fans of negative progression systems will be better able to use their strategies with mini roulette games. So this is definitely one important factor to keep in mind with regards to mini roulette strategy.