Lowering the Casino House Edge isn't Rocket Science


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It's a pretty fair statement to say that most people want to win money when they play casino games. And the truth is that it doesn't take a lot of effort to give yourself the best chance to win money in casinos. In fact, it's actually a pretty easy matter if you can remain disciplined and make correct decisions. This being said, let's review a few simple tips that can improve your winnings.

1. Find the Best Games

The quickest way to win with casino games involves finding the top games. Many people prefer online blackjack because the house edge is just 0.5%, and it features stimulating strategy. Video poker is another popular pick since the house edge is 0.46% or lower with several different variations. Baccarat is one more game worth considering because the strategy is simple and the house advantage is just 1.06%. Most other casino games carry a house edge that's over 2%, so use discretion when trying these.

2. Avoid Side Bets

It's never a good idea to try side bets in casino games. Sure the huge payouts that are worth anywhere from $100k to $1 million are alluring; however, the casino edge is terrible. In some cases, you could be dealing with a 15% house edge or higher, which really eats away at your bankroll. Assuming you really want to try side bets, just do so occasionally for fun.

3. Know Every Game you choose

Here's a good rule of thumb: never play a casino game which you know nothing about. The reason why is because you won't know correct strategy for the game you're playing, which will lead to mistakes. And mistakes raise the house advantage - thus lowering your chances to earn money. So, for example, if you're going to play blackjack, it would definitely pay to grab a strategy card beforehand. This way, you'll be making correct moves in each situation and drop the casino edge to just 0.5%.

Above all, just remember to learn as much as you can about casino gaming because the more knowledge you have, the better your odds are of winning money.