The Legality of Las Vegas Slots Payback


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If you've ever researched playing casino games in Las Vegas, you have probably come across tips that advise against playing bar or airport slots. The reason why is because these slot machines are notorious for offering low payback.

After all, people visit airports and bars for reasons other than gaming. So when they play slots, it's normally just to pass the time. That said, these establishments can get away with offering lower slots payout percentages since they have little competition. So as you can see, it's wise to avoid playing Las Vegas slots that aren't based in an actual casino.

But many people take this piece of strategy too far and create myths that airport and bar slots only offer 50% payback, or similarly low figures. And the reality is that these ultra-low figures aren't anything close to the truth. By law, any legal slot machine in the state of Nevada must offer at least 75% payback. So from Reno to Vegas, any slots game you play in a law-abiding establishment will feature a minimum payout percentage of 75%.

Of course, a 75% payout percentage still isn't anything to write home about. This is especially the case when you consider that many casino slots offer 85-93% payback, while online slots offer 95% payback or higher (for bigger coin denominations). So only paying back an average of $0.75 for every $1 wagered isn't very generous.

For this reason, even bar and airport slots these days offer at least 80% payback, if not quite a bit higher. Sure these games still shouldn't be your first option. However, the decision to play these machines occasionally is not going to bankrupt you.

Once again, all Vegas slots must deliver at least 75% payback, as according to Nevada law. So if you're ever hanging out in a Sin City bar or waiting at the airport, it won't hurt to spin the reels a few times. Just be sure that you save most of your money for the casinos though, where better profit-making opportunities exist.