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Many people call keno the casino's version of the lottery because it features a very similar playing process. And as you may know, there's not a whole lot you can do to change the outcome of the lottery. However, this isn't to say there is no keno strategy that can help you win more profits. With this being the case, let's go over some keno tips that will help you earn money.

Find the Best Odds - The number one thing you can do to better your chances of winning in keno includes finding the best odds. In the worst case scenario, you'll be facing a 25% keno house edge; however, many casinos offer a better house edge, so it should be your goal to look for these places.

Have a Bankroll Plan - In order to stay in the game and have an opportunity to win money, you need to make a plan. So it's really important to plan out your keno bankroll by setting aside a certain amount of money that you're not afraid to lose. Now this isn't to say you are going to lose - just don't be betting with money you can't afford to part with. So if you can afford to lose $200, stick with bringing this amount to the casino.

Make Win and Loss Limits - Expanding on the last point about bankroll management, it's also important to make win and loss limits for yourself in keno. Basically, these are the points at which you will quit playing keno following either wins or losses. To illustrate how this works, you could set a win limit of $50 or a loss limit of $75; when you hit either of these limits, you stop playing.

Don't buy Keno Systems - Since keno deals with a lot of numbers, people try to sell systems to those who are desperate to win. These systems usually make outrageous claims that guarantee profits for players. However, there are no known keno systems that can beat the house edge, so it's not worth paying for these products.