Is Keno even worth playing?


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Keno is definitely a fun game because it gives players an opportunity to win huge payouts for a small amount of money. But just like any casino game, the odds of winning one of these massive payouts are pretty slim.

In these cases, many people hope to have high payback to fall back on if they don't win a major prize. For example, most online slots games offer around 95% payback (or more), which means that even if you don't win a jackpot, you'll still have an opportunity to earn lots of money.

Unfortunately, keno doesn't usually feature this high of payback. In fact, some of the worst land-based keno games carry a 35% house edge, which is as bad as you can get! So it's definitely worth examining whether or not you should even consider playing keno.

Not All Bad

As we just mentioned, the worst keno games feature up to a 35% house edge. But it's worth saying that not all forms of keno are this terrible - especially when you opt for online versions.

Now don't take this to mean that keno always gives you a solid shot to win money. However, some online casinos offer keno action where the house edge is as low as 5%. That said, you'll be right in line with the average online slots game assuming the casino advantage is this low.

Finding Good Keno Games

If you're somebody who enjoys keno, you're obviously going to be interested in finding the best games available. But do note that it's not exactly an easy process because there are so many different games and paytables out there. Because of this, it's almost impossible for the average player to do the math them self.

So what we advise is doing as much research as possible before playing. A simple internet search can often yield keno payback for certain internet casinos. The same can be said when you're trying to find out how much a land-based casino will pay. Assuming you can't find payback for a specific casino, don't be discouraged and just move on to researching the next establishment.

Keep Expectations in Check

Even if you find quality keno games, it's important to be realistic about your chances of winning a huge payout. So if you were to play a bunch of numbers while hoping to win big, realize that it's probably not going to happen for a while.

Other than this, just have fun when you play keno and stay within your bankroll means. Assuming you do win a giant prize, then great! But if you don't win, have a good time while playing anyways.