Google Glass could teach Blackjack Players to Count Cards


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The tech community is currently chattering over a device that Google is backing called Google Glass. This product is a wearable computer with a head-mount that displays information in a smartphone-like, hands-free format. The obvious reason to get excited over this product is because it stands to be the latest step in computer technology. A second reason to get pumped up about Google Glass - especially if you're a gambler - is that it could be quite helpful in learning blackjack card counting.

As many blackjack players know, card counting is no picnic or project to be undertaken lightly. But professional blackjack player Colin Jones thinks that Google Glass could definitely provide a shortcut to becoming a skilled counter.

The Seattle-based gambler is quite a success tale since he turned an initial $2,000 bankroll into a multi-million dollar operation. In the mid-2000's, Jones was managing a 30-person card counting team that was collectively earning $4 million in annual profits. Now he wants to put all of this skill and knowledge into a Google Glass app that could teach average people how to be successful counters.

Of course, Google Glass is still in the works so Jones doesn't entirely know what's possible with it yet. But he's very excited to see what capabilities this product will provide for blackjack players. It's been rumored that Google Glass' technology could actually count cards for players, assuming it is as good as advertised. Of course, this would no doubt get the product banned in casinos across the world. Furthermore, it might even get the users banned as well.

As for Colin Jones, he began playing blackjack in 2003 as a way to supplement his income. Not long afterward, he quit his regular job and earned a very good living through card counting. For nearly a decade, Jones made a six-figure income through blackjack and became one of the most notorious counters in history. These days, after being banned from many casinos, he's transitioned into more of a teaching role and instructs other players on how they can count cards too.