Focus on Math rather than Emotions in Online Casino Games


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When many people start playing online casino games, they base decisions on emotions and "commonsense." For example, if a player like this is on a hot streak, they'll keep making big wagers in hopes of the luck continuing. Likewise, during a losing streak, players might keep making small bets until they win again.

As you can see, making betting decisions like this is based on how you're doing and feeling in the moment. And you can really capitalize on winning streaks by playing with emotions. However, you could also lose your entire bankroll, which is why using a mathematical approach is better. Here's a closer look at what you should be focusing on in regard to casino math.

Always know the House Edge

The first and foremost thing you need to do with casino games is know the house edge. For example, if you're playing online blackjack, you should note that most internet games feature a 0.4% or 0.5% casino advantage. So if you bet $1,000 total, you'd only lose $4 or $5 on average.

Now those who play blackjack based on emotions might ignore the house edge altogether and falsely believe that they have an advantage with good strategy. However, it's important to be realistic here and realize that you need excellent strategy combined with good luck to beat the game.

The overall point here is that you need to check out the casino edge behind any game you play. If the house advantage is too high, you should avoid the game because your expected losses will be greater. And again be realistic about your chances of winning since the casino has an edge in games they offer.

Set up your Bankroll Accordingly

Another critical thing to do when focusing on casino math involves working on your bankroll management. When doing this, think about the stakes you play, the house edge, and how long you play.

To set up an example, let's say that you play European roulette (2.70% house edge) for three hours and make $5 bets on each spin. If you performed 75 spins per hour, your expected loss for the session would be $30.38 (225 spins x $5 x 0.027). Of course, you'll see a lot of winning and losing streaks in roulette games, so be prepared by having a bankroll bigger than $30.

Stay Disciplined

Once you understand the math behind casino games, the next step is to remain disciplined. As we just mentioned, streaks happen and you need to keep your wits while in the midst of one. If you can be disciplined with your wagers, you have a much better chance at having fun and earning money in casinos.