Why Flat Betting is the Best and Worst Gambling System


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While there are plenty of popular gambling systems out there, none are anywhere near as popular as flat betting. After all, flat betting merely involves placing the same wager over and over again. So if you make a $5 blackjack bet on every hand, you're flat wagering. Interestingly enough, many people believe that placing flat bets every time is both a great and terrible system, as you'll see below.

Why Flat Betting is the Best System

One of the biggest problems with trying gambling systems is that many of them are extremely risky. The reason why is because some require you to increase bet sizes following a loss. The obvious problem you run into here is that you've just taken a loss, so another losing wager could be crushing.

Using the daring Martingale system as an example, let's say you wager $10 in blackjack and lose. Already $10 in the hole, you'd now have to put $20 on the table; if you lost this, you're now $30 down and supposed to bet another $40. For somebody with a $5,000 bankroll this might be manageable - but most people don't have $5k!

So many contend that a better idea is to simply place the same bet over and over again. By doing this, you keep losses manageable during losing streaks and avoid a bunch of stress. Plus if you go on a winning streak, you'll bank your winnings rather than putting them on the line.

Why Flat Betting is the Worst System

Flat wagering can be a lifesaver when it comes to bankroll management. However, the problem many people see with this method of betting is that it doesn't allow players to maximize winnings or minimize losses during streaks.

For example, if you used the Parlay, which calls on players to wager all of their winnings on each bet, you could rack up a ton of profits. Going back to the Martingale, this is perfect for those who want to win back their losses and have a chance at profits later.

Above all, many people think that flat betting is extremely boring and they just want to try something new. Gambling systems provide this variety since they can spice things up with a different strategy. So as you can see, there are both positives and negatives to flat betting, and you should weigh them in regard to your goals.