3 Etiquette Rules that Online Casinos allow you to bypass


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Some people consider it just as rude to touch your cards in blackjack as it is to chew with your mouth open. And these people are known as gamblers, who, over the years, have adopted their own set of etiquette rules. Follow all of these etiquette rules and you're going to fit in just fine at the table. Break one of more of these unspoken gestures and you'll draw the ire of all the other players.

Many people who are new to casino games don't exactly like the pressure of trying to learn the rules and fit in at the same time. For this reason, we highly recommend that you start out at online casinos because you can bypass some very important etiquette rules, including the following ones.

1. Understanding Game Rules

By far the most annoying thing to veteran casino players is somebody who sits down and doesn't know the rules. For instance, a blackjack player who tries to double down after he's already hit for more cards is never going to be popular at the table. Likewise, the roulette player who places bets before they're allowed to is another irritating occurrence.

This is what's nice about online casinos because the software acts as a helping hand to newbies. So let's say that you don't know the ins and outs of blackjack; well the software will prevent you from making any incorrect moves. Plus you can try free blackjack - or any other game - to learn the nuances.

2. Tipping the Dealer

It's tradition in table games to give the dealer a tip every so often. But many newbies either don't know this or want to avoid giving away part of their bankroll while playing. In either case, playing table games at internet casinos lets you avoid having to give out a tip to dealers. And not only does this keep you from looking like a tightwad, but it also conserves your bankroll.

3. Handling Cards

One of the most common mistakes by new players is mishandling their cards during a game. When cards are dealt face-up, you're not supposed to touch them at all. If cards are dealt face-down, you are supposed to pick them up with one hand. If you mess up with either of these rules, you'll no doubt get a sharp warning from the dealer. But seeing as how you don't have the option to handle cards in online casino games, this won't be a problem.

There are plenty of other small casino etiquette rules that you can avoid botching online. So if you're new and looking to learn, internet casinos are a perfect place to begin!