The Easy Guide to Craps Strategy


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Craps is one of the most confusing games in the casino. There are lots of different spaces on the craps board with nondescript phrases like "Pass Line" and "Any Craps" strewn about. This being said, you'd think that craps strategy would be pretty hard to understand. But the truth is that it's actually really easy to learn and we'll cover craps strategy more in-depth below.

Basic Craps Strategy

The easiest place to begin with strategy for this game involves the four major bets: Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come, and Don't Come. You can make a Pass Line wager (bet with the shooter) or Don't Pass Line wager (bet against the shooter) on the first roll of a new round (a.k.a. Come Out Roll). The Come and Don't Come wagers can be made when a "point" has been established on the Come Out Roll.

In any case, you want to stick with these four bets because they have the lowest house edge. The Pass Line and Come bets both carry a 1.41% casino edge while the Don't Pass Line and Don't Come wagers feature a 1.36% house advantage. As you can see, the latter two bets are slightly better, but all four wagers are fine in the long-run.

Back Bets with Odds

Some online casinos allow you to back the aforementioned four wagers with "odds." An odds wager is a bet that has no house edge and this improves your overall chances of winning money. Before we continue, look at how odds work:

Odds on Pass Line/Come
1x odds - 0.848% house edge
2x odds - 0.606% house edge

Odds on Don't Pass Line/Don't Come
1x odds - 0.682% house edge
2x odds - 0.455% house edge

Now on rare occasions, some casinos will offer more odds on bets. However, the reality is that most online casinos don't allow you to back wagers with any more than 2x odds.

Even still, it's pretty amazing that you can lower the house edge down to just 0.455% with 2x odds on a don't pass line/don't come bet. And when this is the case, craps offers players an even better chance to win than most blackjack games!

So just to review, the easiest way to lower the online craps edge is to stick with pass line, don't pass line, come, and don't come bets. And if possible, spend the extra money to back your wagers with odds.