Choosing a Blackjack Table - Crowded or Non-Crowded?


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When playing blackjack in a brick and mortar casino, most players use one thought to pick their table: is there a seat open? This is definitely a logical way to choose a blackjack table since you don't want to be sitting on somebody's lap. However, you're also missing out on another important factor that should be considered when deciding where to play blackjack.

Crowds are Good

No matter whether you're a social person or not, it's good to be at a crowded blackjack table. As many players know, blackjack games feature a house edge, which means they've got the long-term advantage. Now it's worth mentioning that you can usually lower this casino edge down to 0.6% in land-based casinos, but this is still a house edge nonetheless.

That said, more people at a table means less blackjack hands are dealt per hour. And less hands per hour keeps you from being so exposed to the blackjack house edge. If you can find a table with six or seven players at it, this is perfect since you won't be seeing as many hands. For example, you might only be dealt cards 50-60 times per hour instead of over 70 at a smaller table.

Try Online Blackjack

Assuming you really want to control the flow of a blackjack game and limit how many hands you play, online blackjack is definitely nice. The reason why is because dealers aren't trying to push the action and get more hands in per hour; instead, the software only deals cards when you click the 'Deal' button. Because of this, you can play some hands, take a break and do whatever you want, then come back and continue playing.

In addition to controlling the amount of hands you're dealt, online blackjack is also great because it allows you to skip dealer tips and travel costs. After all, most people have to travel to casinos and tipping dealers is considered courteous. So if you can cut all of this out, you can look forward to an improved chance of earning profits. Plus it's also possible to collect big bonuses in internet blackjack, which is just one more way you can potentially realize winnings.