Casino Trips - 5 Essential Items to bring


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While it's always fun to play online casino games, sometimes it's good to get out of the house and go on a casino trip. After all, most casinos offer a much more luxurious atmosphere than your living room, and they have lots of great side entertainment too. But before you walk out of the door, make sure to bring these five items on your casino trips.

Two Forms of ID 

As long as you're of age, the casino staff will rarely ask to see your ID. However, if they do want to see your ID for whatever reason, you should prepare yourself by bringing two forms to the casino. For example, you could take a birth certificate and driver's license to make sure there's no controversy in this department.

Players Card

In order to rack up free comps on the tables and slots games, you usually need to have a players card. To get these, you should ask the casino's front desk upon arriving, or email them beforehand to save time. In any case, once you do have a players card, don't forget to bring this because it's your key to getting big comps.

Gambling Strategy Materials

Depending upon what casino games you're interested in playing, you should have the appropriate gambling strategy materials with you. For example, if you are going to play blackjack, you should have a blackjack strategy card with you. Those who are already good players may not need their strategy materials in the casino, but just make sure to bring them along for the trip.


While the large majority of casinos provide internet access, it's your responsibility to bring a device to use the internet with. Some of the most common internet devices are laptop computers, iPads and iPhones, so whichever one you have, don't forget to pack it!

Deposit Box

If you have a good run in the casino and need some place to keep the money, a deposit box will come in handy. These are much smaller than safes, but still allow you to lock the money up in case anybody breaks into the room while you're gone. If the box is small enough, you can even fit it into your pocket.