Casino Tricks worth Knowing


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Everybody knows that casinos are in the gaming business to make money. However, few people really stop and think about some of the practices that casinos use to earn profits. This being said, it's very important to know some of the following casino tricks that are used so you can avoid losing money this way.

Casinos don't want people watching clocks

The longer a person plays casino games, the more they're exposed to the house edge. So it's to a casino's advantage when somebody loses track of time and doesn't realize how long they've been playing games. Taking this into account, you won't see clocks anywhere on the casino floor so make sure to bring a cell phone to check the time.

Chips make you forget about money

While this isn't the only reason why casinos use chips to represent cash, they like giving players chips because it makes them forget about money. Going further, players are a lot less likely to associate their losses with real money when it's plastic chips that are being exchanged. And don't think that anything changes when moving from table games to slots and video poker because the electronic currency used also makes you forget about any losses.

Free Drinks aren't given out of generosity

One of the oldest casino tricks in the book involves handing out free drinks to players. Now some people think this is great because they're getting free alcoholic beverages! But in reality, casinos are only feeding players drinks so they get drunk and make bad decisions. That said, don't accept too many free drinks from casinos so you can remain clear-headed.

Casinos want games moving quickly

Bringing up the house edge again, casinos also benefit from games moving quickly because it forces players to make more bets. And as we established before, more wagers means extra long-term money for casinos. A good way to counteract this is by finding tables that are full or nearly-full because you'll play less hands per hour in these games.

Above all, keep the casino tricks from this list in mind so that you can avoid them and hopefully win some money in the future.