Tips to keep your Casino New Year's Resolutions


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We've officially entered another New Year and some casino players are resolving to earn more profits. But simply declaring that you want extra money on the casino tables isn't usually enough to make it happen. This being said, here are some tips that'll help you come closer to realizing more profits in gaming.

1. Make sure you know Basic Strategy well

While many players may already know basic strategy for their favorite casino games, it's worth reiterating how important this point is. For example, if you're a blackjack player, you should be studying basic blackjack strategy to lower the house edge as much as possible. The same can be said of any other strategy-based casino game.

2. Resolve to stick with Bankroll Management

If you're going to earn more money in the New Year, you should definitely focus on bankroll management. And when you do set up a bankroll plan make sure to stick with it! In regard to properly setting up your bankroll, you should factor in stakes, the house edge, and how many turns/hands are being played per hour.

Assuming you're playing French roulette (1.35% house edge), performing 70 spins per hour and betting $1 on each spin, your expected losses would only be $0.95 per hour. At this rate, you could survive in the game for quite some time with only $40 - $50.

3. Look for Bonus Opportunities when they arise

Anybody who plays a lot of casino games should definitely think about bonus opportunities. Assuming you play online casino games, you'll be looking at a lot of different extra rewards such as signup bonuses, VIP benefits, and reload bonuses. Check the terms and conditions to see if it's realistic to earn these rewards.

4. Consider Advanced Strategy

Becoming an advantage casino player is a long and difficult road. However, if you truly love gaming, you might want to resolve to get into card counting (blackjack), wheel bias (roulette) or controlled shooting (craps). The more work you put into these practices, the better your chances are to become a successful player who has an edge over casinos.

5. Write your Goals down

One more point we'd like to make involves writing your goal(s) down. By doing this, you can refer back to your resolutions and gain extra motivation from doing so. You might even want to write out a detailed plan, which makes it easier to follow your road map to casino success.