Why are Casino Players obsessed with keeping the Same Seat?


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The world of casino gaming is filled with superstition since many players hope to sway Lady Luck on their side. People use everything from lucky trinkets to prayers in an effort to win more money from casinos. One superstition we find really interesting is the idea that keeping the same seat will somehow lead to an increased chance of collecting profits.

So is there any logic behind the notion that keeping the same seat results in more money? Or is it about as valid as bringing a lucky rabbit's foot with you? Let's take a deeper look at this subject to find out why people want their casino seat reserved and if it has any bearing on results.

That's My Jackpot!

The primary reason why people want the same seat while playing casino games is because they think staying on the same game long enough will result in a big jackpot. Going further, many people fear that if they leave a certain seat, another player will swoop in and "steal" their jackpot.

Seeing as how keeping the same seat stems from a fear of losing jackpots, you usually see this logic upheld on slots and video poker games. So you'll often come across somebody glued to their seat for hours in hopes of winning that elusive slots or video poker jackpot. Interestingly enough, some people even go as far as to put a sign up during bathroom runs stating they'll be right back.

Substance or Myth?

In theory, the idea that giving up your seat could result in a lost jackpot sounds legitimate. After all, many players eventually win a jackpot after spending so long on a certain game. However, it's also worth mentioning that games like video poker and slots make payouts based on their random number generator (RNG). 

RNG's determine wins with a string of numbers within thousands of a second, thus making it virtually impossible for two people to get the exact same results on a particular spin. Case in point, if you get up from a slots machine - only to watch somebody else step in and win a jackpot - there's pretty much no chance you would have also won a jackpot if you stayed at the machine.

So if you're too afraid to get up and go to the bathroom because somebody will take your seat, don't be afraid because of the randomness associated with jackpot-based games. Of course, there's no harm in continuing to keep your seat if it adds to the fun of playing casino games.