Casino Games that you should avoid


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It's a fair statement to say that people want the best possible chance to win in casino games. But in order to accomplish this goal, you really need to be selective in the games that you choose. After all, the last thing you want to do is pick the wrong casino game and deal with a terrible house edge. That said, let's take a quick look at some games you strongly want to avoid in order to improve your chances of winning money.

1. Keno

Under some rare circumstances, the keno house edge can be reasonable and offer decent payback. However, most keno games give the casino somewhere around a 15-29% advantage. At the high end of this, you'd lose $2.90 for every $10 wagered, which is inexcusable. Sure it's nice to chase some of the bigger keno prizes - just don't get addicted to doing so.

2. Big Six

Another game that's really bad in terms of the casino edge is Big Six since you're dealing with anywhere from an 11-24% house advantage. Now we won't totally convince everybody to stop playing Big Six because this Wheel of Fortune-type game is quite entertaining. However, you might want to mix in some blackjack and baccarat games to win some money back.

3. Sic Bo

This game isn't always so bad because the casino edge can be as low as 2.78%. However, you also need to consider that the house advantage could shoot up to 33.3% under the wrong circumstances. So know what you're dealing with before making a single bet with Sic Bo.

4. Airport and Bar Slot Machines

The majority of slots offer reasonable payback to players. This is especially the case with online slots, where the average payback is around 95%. However, there are also some terrible slot machines in land-based casinos that only offer 85% payback. Most of these are found in airports and bars, where there's little competition.

5. Craps Props Bets

There are several craps bets that give players a solid chance to win money. But you also have to worry about disastrous prop wagers that feature between an 11.1-16.7% casino edge. The specific bets we're referring to include Proposition 7, Proposition 2 or 12, Proposition 3 or 11, and Hard 4 or 10.

Next time you decide to play casino games, make sure to avoid any of the games/bets that we've discussed above.