Casino Games that Players can beat


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As many people like to point out, companies don't built huge casinos in Las Vegas and Macau because they plan on losing to players. Instead, casinos hold an edge over players in almost every instance, which ensures them of a profit. But this isn't to say that there's absolutely no chance for people to beat the house. In fact, there are some rare games/situations where players have the upper hand, which we'll discuss below.


There is no house edge in poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Stud because players compete against each other. The house merely takes a cut (rake) from cash games and tournaments as a fee for offering the games. In tournaments, rake is usually 10% of the entry fee, while cash games usually see 5% taken out of each pot. Of course, players can also get discounts through comps, VIP benefits and rakeback (online poker). And they can win long-term profits by being more skilled than their opponents.

Video Poker

There are a few full-pay video poker variations which give players a long-term advantage. They include Deuces Wild (100.8% payback), Double Bonus (100.2%) and Double Double Bonus (100.1%). When you find these full-pay variations, they normally feature low maximum bets to keep professionals from turning big profits. Furthermore, you actually have to be great at video poker strategy to get the full benefit.

Blackjack, Craps and Roulette (through Advantage Play)

Seeing as how the number of positive expectation casino games are limited, many players create their own edge through advantage play. The most common instance of this is blackjack card counting, through which thousands of people have used to make profits. Roulette wheel bias is another practice that can give players an edge; but this method is time-consuming and relies on rare wheel flaws. Finally, craps features an advantage play method called controlled shooting, which some experts claim to have made a fortune with.

Overall, poker is probably your best chance of making big profits through casino games. However, with enough hard work, strategy and research, you can give yourself an opportunity to win long-term profits in other games too. Also, don't forget to take advantage of VIP benefits whenever possible because rewards indirectly lower the house edge.