Casino Bonus Vultures and why they're hated


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One of the nice things about playing at land-based and online casinos is that bonuses and comps are offered to frequent players. At a brick and mortar casino, you can expect to earn free drinks, meals and hotel rooms by playing lots of casino games. Online casinos feature a number of profitable offers like signup bonuses and points-for-cash deals.

Because bonuses and comps can increase your chances of profitability, it's no surprise that people like to collect these rewards. But there are some players who take this to the extreme by going out of their way to earn casino rewards and potentially make a long-term profit. Often called bonus vultures, these types of players aren't exactly the most liked by fellow visitors or casino management. That said, let's take a look at why vultures are so hated and if the benefits are worth the heat.

Pushy in Pursuit

There are multiple ways in which bonus vultures make money. But as a general rule, they seek out promotions and reward opportunities that can offer them an advantage. Unfortunately, these vultures are usually very pushy and resort to questionable tactics to make money.

For example, if there was a free slots spins promotion where players got extra spins after betting so much money (through cards or stamps), a vulture might hang around the machines waiting for a perfect opportunity. Once they see an advantage, the vulture will either hope the player leaves, or even try to coerce the player off their machine.

This practice is not only annoying to the players, but also irks casino management. That said, it's no surprise when casino security kicks out bonus vultures when they're discovered. And online sites might ban players who they think are abusing generous bonus policies. Basically, casinos feel as if these types of visitors do nothing to enhance business and are more harm than good.

Is Extreme Bonus Hunting worth It?

Based on everything we've discussed so far, you have to wonder why somebody would put themselves through bonus hunting. After all, it's nerve-wracking wondering if casinos are going to hassle you when chasing after bonuses and comps. However, the truth is that players wouldn't do it if they didn't make some decent money out of the deal.

Some people even manage to make a decent living off of hunting for comps and bonuses. Sure it takes hard work and plenty of know-how regarding the casino industry; however, the benefits far outweigh the negatives in some cases. Assuming you're interested in being a bonus vulture, just be aware that it's a difficult road to earning money.