What to know about Caribbean Stud


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While games of chance are certainly fun to play, it's always nice when there's a skill element involved too. Caribbean Stud poker includes this skill element because player decisions have a large influence over potential winnings. Going further, some of the huge payouts involved with Caribbean Stud make this game even more attractive. That said, let's take a closer look at how Caribbean Stud works along with some of the big payouts.

Just like Any Poker Game

If you've ever played a poker game such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha or Seven Card Stud, you shouldn't have trouble with the rules of Caribbean Stud. Hand rankings remain the same with pairs and two pairs at the bottom, while hands like straight flushes and royal flushes are on top. The only major difference is that - instead of trying to beat fellow players - you are trying to beat the dealer's hand.

How to play

Each Caribbean Stud poker hand begins with players making an ante bet. Participants also have the choice to make a side wager too, which can win them jackpot payouts and a progressive jackpot (if offered). When the betting has finished, players get five face-down cards, and the dealer receives one face-up card and four face-down cards. Players can either raise their original bet, which costs two antes, or they can fold and simply lose the ante.

Those who've raised their bet will reveal cards and see if they beat the dealer. Assuming the dealer has at least A-K among their five cards (qualifying hand), anybody who wins will receive everything they wagered. However, if the dealer fails to have at least A-K, players only win their original ante bet due to the non-qualifying hand.

Side Bet Payouts

Pair - 1:1
Two Pair - 2:1
3-of-a-Kind - 3:1
Straight - 4:1
Flush - 5:1
Full House - 7:1
4-of-a-Kind - 20:1
Straight Flush - 50:1
Also don't forget that players can win a progressive jackpot when one is offered. This requires a royal flush (A-K-Q-J-10 suited), and it can definitely mean big money for lucky winners. In many cases, players can collect $25,000 or more for winning the big prize! With massive payouts like this available, it's definitely worth playing Caribbean Stud and trying for a jackpot.