Can Online Roulette be beaten?


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Some people don't feel comfortable playing online roulette because they think it's a fixed game. And this could partially be true because online roulette doesn't run like games in a land-based casino.

Rather than a physical wheel and ball determining results, a random number generator (RNG) decides the winning wager. Sure the online wheel may spin, but this is just for show; the RNG determines a bet's result as soon as you click the spin button.

Taking all of this into account, some people may wonder if online roulette is actually beatable. After all, software is basically choosing how your wagers turn out and the cyber wheel is just for fun. However, the truth is that internet roulette is usually more beatable than games offered in land-based casinos and we'll explain why.

Variety is a Good Thing

The average brick and mortar casino only offers American roulette, which carries a 5.26% house edge. This is actually the worst possible roulette house advantage for players to be facing. That's because European roulette (2.70% casino edge) and French roulette (1.35%) offer players a much better chance to earn money.

Unfortunately, land-based casinos like to keep their house edge high, so they don't normally offer European or French roulette games. Online casinos, on the other hand, almost always have European roulette, and many sites also offer the French game too. This being said, you're normally facing a lower house edge by playing internet roulette.

No Difference between RNG and Live Wheel

Before, we discussed how online roulette games use an RNG to determine results while a physical wheel and ball govern results in brick and mortar casinos. But regardless of how bets are decided, you're always dealing with a stated house edge.

It doesn't matter if you're playing European roulette in a cyber or land-based casino because the house advantage is still 2.70%. Sure some people would rather see a physical wheel determine everything; however, the casino edge doesn't change in either circumstance.

So assuming you're wondering if online roulette games are beatable, the answer is that they're no less beatable than brick and mortar wheels. And based on the variety at internet casinos, they are easier to beat due to the wider game selection.